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Thorn is the defender of Rosebush Heights; the bringer of justice against a system of injustice.
Thorn is the story of Alton Eldridge, a man seeking to both uplift and defend his community, Rosebush Heights, from ongoing systemic injustice. By day, Alton serves his neighborhood by spearheading a multi-pronged community empowerment effort; by night he defends it from all sorts of preying evil, as the masked vigilante Thorn. But is one man standing in the gap enough? Can Alton protect his community from outside forces? Is Thorn truly capable of defending the Rosebush from a system that is structured to do it harm?
What will Alton do when a shadowy figure from his past shows up to take his neighborhood from him through property acquisition? And as he truly looks into his past, is Alton seeking justice for his community, or revenge for his family? Find out in Thorn!
Written by Travis B. Hill
Illustrated by Mark Pate
Published by Advent Comics
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